Trevor DTRe

Commissioned design work for a Belgian Electric Motorcycle

This electric flat track motorcycle design had been slowly forming in my head for a matter of months as an evolution of the Alta-based race bike I designed and built with my cohorts at Blatant Moto. As if they were reading my mind, in the spring of 2020 I was contacted by the team at Sarolea in Belgium to design and build in CAD an electric dirt tracker for their client, Trevor Motorcycles. 

The result is a beautifully executed example of my vision. The motorcycle carries a 2.5kWh battery good for about 1.5 hours of fun, and is propelled by an 11kW motor up to 90kph.

Construction of the prototype commenced in mid 2020 and was carried out by Sarolea on mechanical and electrical tasks, and with Workhorse Speedshop fabricating the trellis frame.

Ready to Ride

The finished Trevor DTRe

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